Winner of the "Insolvency & Restructuring Firm of the Year" award 2016
Winner of the "Insolvency & Restructuring Firm of the Year" award 2016
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Client Representation

Duress Creditor

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on building your business because you are experiencing undue pressure from duress creditors; HM Revenue & Customs, trade suppliers, bank, factoring?

Are your duress creditors harassing you with telephone calls, emails, letters, and threats of bailiff or court action? More seriously, have you been threatened with a creditors winding up petition?

How we can help

Let us help you by directly engaging with your creditors in representing your interests.

We know just how you may be feeling right now. Our experience in dealing directly with all kinds of very difficult duress creditors is invaluable. Because of our experience and expertise we are able to placate duress creditors and keep them in abeyance whilst you continue to build your business.

When representing our clients we always seek to secure a debt moratorium or reduction in the amount owed to their creditors without the need for entering into a formal insolvency process; company voluntary arrangement. We are also able to achieve similar results for you.

Dealing with your creditors

We will take the pressure away from you by sensitively engaging directly with your pre selected creditors including HM Revenue & Customs so you don’t have to. This means you will not have to deal with harassing telephone phone calls, emails or formal demand letters from your duress creditors now that you have us representing you. You will be free to concentrate on building your business.

It is certainly not the end of your business or indeed your livelihood if you receive a threat of a creditors winding up petition. You just need third party expert representation during difficult times.