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Do any of the following statements describe your debtor?

  • Your customer has exceeded your credit terms without your authority or valid reason?
  • Your customers promises of payment have failed?
  • You have been given a cheque which has has bounced?
  • Your customer is seeking to invent a dispute in an unscrupulous effort to get more time to pay the debt?
  • Your customer is seeking a reduction in the debt or not pay it at all?
  • Your customer either can't pay or won't pay?


How will we help you?

We successfully recover monies from all kinds of debtors; small, medium and large companies. We don't buy debtors excuses or get intimidated by their lawyers. We recover your money.

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Petition Debt Paid £14,442

Print Run has used the services of Insolvency and Law on two occasions in the last year. Initially the whole process of issuing a winding up petition appears to be daunting, especially for a small fish in a big sea when taking on large companies, but Peter Murray and his team made the job easy and totally seamless.


Petition Debt Paid £26,717

We were owed £26,717 by one of our customers and our credit control efforts, which had included a County Court Summons, were exhausted so we looked for third party assistance and came across Insolvency & Law on the internet. After a first conversation with Peter Murray I was left feeling confident that there was indeed hope through the debt recovery services provided by I&L.


Petition Debt Paid £41,767

I&L recovered the full amount of the invoice and all my costs in issuing the Winding up Petition including the cost of the barrister Peter appointed who did an excellent job when my case went to the Companies Court.