Winner of the "Insolvency & Restructuring Firm of the Year" award 2016
Winner of the "Insolvency & Restructuring Firm of the Year" award 2016
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Debt Purchase

About Debt Purchase

Factoring companies provide you with funds against your new invoiced sales debts as they are incurred. We provide you with funds against your unpaid, invoiced aged/bad debts. This facility effectively converts your aged/bad debts into instant cash – working capital for your business.

How Does It Work?

We provide a specialist service to creditors whereby their unpaid trade debts that have become overdue can be sold to us for up to 90% of the debt value.

Our criteria for acceptance are straight forward. The debt should meet the following:

  1. The debt value exceeds £2,500 (including VAT)
  2. It is an overdue trade debt
  3. The debt is undisputed
  4. Either a sales order, proof of delivery, invoice, current statement and or any reminders, etc are available
  5. The debt is not currently the subject of court proceedings
  6. The debtor is not currently subject to any formal insolvency proceedings


Provided 1-6 above can be met our underwriting team would be pleased to receive your aged/bad debts for immediate appraisal.

Our Underwriting Criteria

Our underwriting team will not take long to appraise your aged/bad debt and will usually make an offer to purchase within 1-2 working days.

The criteria 1-6 above and other commercial considerations will determine what terms are given for the purchase of your debt.

Debt Purchase Offer

We will always make an offer to purchase a debt that has met our criteria 1-6 so contact us now and convert your aged/bad debt into instant cash.