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Compulsory liquidation for High Street Commercial Finance Ltd (HSCF)

  • Have you invested in High Street Commercial Finance Ltd?
  • Do you know about the company’s insolvency?
  • Are you interested in recovering your losses?

The collapse of property company High Street GRP Ltd (now in Administration) continues with the compulsory liquidation of one of its many subsidiary companies, also known as a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

High Street Commercial Finance Ltd (HSCF) was ordered into compulsory liquidation by the High Court on 2 March 2022 following the presentation of a winding-up petition by Insolvency & Law.

It is important that you register your claim in the liquidation now to avoid disappointment.

Listen to the podcast that explains why you should join Insolvency & Law in its fight to recover your money from HSG Limited.


HSCF’s compulsory liquidation remains under the control of the Official Receiver’s office for the time being and until the appointment of a liquidator.

It is important that you register your claim in the liquidation now to avoid disappointment if you loaned money to HSCF, or became one of the company’s:

  • Loan note holders
  • Creditors
  • Investors

To vote on the appointment of a liquidator and ensure your interests are protected throughout this process, click here...

HSCF loan note holders should check all agreements and paperwork as your loan may in fact be guaranteed by High Street GRP with security, in the event of default, provided by a company based in Gibraltar, Castle Trust & Management Services.

Insolvency & Law represents a body of HSG loan note holders who are due over £10m, and this number continues to rise.

Complete, sign, and return a consent form authorising Insolvency & Law to act on your behalf in HSCF’s compulsory liquidation.

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