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HMRC, HMRC Debt Claims & TTP Arrangements

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Are you or your business facing challenges with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) debts?

If you’re still reading, you probably have an unresolved problem with HMRC or owe them money, and have received warning letters, a Statutory Demand, a Bankruptcy Petition, or a Winding Up Petition.

If you need assistance concerning tax problems or more time to rearrange your finances; contact I&L today for free and confidential advice.

Tell us about your issue(s) and the outcome you’d like to achieve. We make representation on behalf of companies and individuals to HMRC, and try to give them good reason why they should entertain a Time to Pay (TTP) arrangement.

HMRC want liabilities to be paid within 6 months, but with good reason they will extend that period up to a year. TTP is an informal agreement that provides debtors with an opportunity to demonstrate they take their HMRC debt seriously.

To qualify, debtors must agree to pay all of their current liabilities on time, and repay any historic debts over 6 to 12 months -  depending on the terms of the agreement. The process is pretty much the same whether you’re approaching HMRC as an individual or a company.

Negotiating with HMRC can be stressful. I&L has a proven track record of successfully dealing with HMRC on behalf of our clients. We’re confident that our expert service will be of value to you. Visit our testimonial page to see some of the people we’ve helped, and call 020 7504 1300 for free and confidential advice…

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