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The following may be of assistance in understanding how we work in the provision of the litigation services provided to our clients:


I&L Administrative Litigation Support Services
I&L provide administrative litigation support services to assist those of our clients who are engaged in litigation as a Litigant in Person*. The type of litigation services that we provide are limited solely to unreserved legal activities.


We do not conduct litigation or provide reserved legal activities pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007 (Act).


Whereas we do not issue proceedings, commence, prosecute or defend proceedings or perform any ancillary functions in those proceedings; we do provide to our clients, who are litigants in persons, other legal services known as unreserved legal activities, which includes:


  • providing legal advice or assistance to a litigant in person in connection with the application of the law or with any form of resolution of legal disputes;


  • providing representation to litigants in persons in connection with any matter concerning the application of the law or any form of resolution of legal disputes;


Direct Public Access
At the onset or during the provision of our service a client may become the subject of litigation as defendant or claimant. In such instance the client may be informed about the Direct Public Access Scheme ("DPA"). DPA is the gateway for a client, acting as a litigant in person, to access the legal expertise of a barrister without the need for retaining the services of a solicitor. Litigants in persons tend to use the services of a DPA Barrister in an effort to limit their legal expense, which can be considerably higher if the services of a solicitor firm is retained.


Part of I&L's role is to introduce the client acting as a litigant in person to the DPA Barrister.


We do not sign documents on our client’s behalf or seek an audience with the Court. The client is always represented by a DPA Barrister.


*What is a Litigant in Person (LiP)
The term commonly encompasses individuals who wish to represent themselves in legal proceedings, which may progress to court or tribunal. A litigant in person can be an individual, company or organisation. They have the right to address the court in person.

With careful preparation litigants in persons can achieve victory against even the most well represented opponent.