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What is Castle Trust and what do they do?

Castle Trust & Management Services is a Gibraltar-based company offering a wide range of " trustee services," including but not limited to funds; trusts; companies; wealth management; bespoke & VIP services; qualifying non-UK pension schemes and qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes.

According to the company's website, the Castle Trust Group operates as a professional trustee regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under license number FSC0229B.


Steven Knight is the director, beneficiary and a shareholder of Castle Trust & Management Services. Important decisions relating to the company are made at Knight's desk and rest firmly on his shoulders.

Who is Steven Knight?

Listen to the podcast: “Who is Castle Trust and what do they do?”

What does it mean if Castle Trust is the trustee of my investment?

As trustee, the Castle Trust Group has a duty of care to safeguard your investment by ensuring they can recover sufficient assets in case something happens to the company you have invested in.

This will be documented in a legal charge placed by Castle Trust and registered at Companies House.

Castle Trust Group

Quite often, introducers and other professional enablers use these documents as a "letter of comfort" to encourage potential investors to part with their money, safe in the knowledge there is adequate security in place should anything happen to the company they are investing in.

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What's the relationship between Castle Trust and the failed companies High Street GRP (HSG) and High Street Commercial Finance (HSCF)? What has Castle Trust done and what should they be doing to recover investors’ funds?

To date, no action has been taken by the Castle Trust Group. The company should act in the interest of investors to recover assets they have charges against and help compensate investors for their losses.

Steven Knight

It is within Steven Knight's power to act, but he has chosen not to. Perhaps his long-established friendship with the HSG management is more important than his duties as a trustee?

How does Insolvency & Law respond to Castle Trust on behalf of HSG and HSCF investors?

Insolvency & Law conducts research, interviews and investigations to better understand the Castle Trust Group's failure to protect investors' interests.

To date, our enquiries reveal that Castle Trust should be held responsible for the loss in value of loan notes.

High Street Group and High Street Commercial Finance

We anticipate that legal proceedings will commence for breach of trust and neglect in respect of the security instrument issued for loan note holders of HSG, HSCF and other connected companies.

The findings of our investigations suggest that in addition to failing to protect the secured assets it held (the subject of a legal charge), Castle Trust also failed in its duty of care to loan note holders.

Contact us immediately if you're concerned about a company securitised by Castle Trust that you have invested in (other than HSG or HSCF)...

Email our investigations department where will be happy to review your investment and security documentation.

Follow our blog for updates on investigations, discoveries and the litigation progress for the recovery of investors' funds from the Castle Trust Group and Steven Knight.

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