Off Plan Property Purchasers

An off-plan property is one that hasn't been built yet. When you purchase off-plan, you're essentially buying a property that's still in the construction phase. This means you rely on floorplans, computer-generated images, and detailed drawings to envision the final product before making your purchase.

Welcome, Off-Plan Property Buyers!

Did you purchase an off-plan property which has not been developed? 

Would you like your deposit returned?

Are you past your long stop date and your apartment has not yet completed?

Are you facing challenges as a buyer of off-plan properties, struggling to see your deposits return?

We understand the frustration and uncertainties that come with such situations, which is why we're here to help you recover your deposits.

Contact us to discuss your recovery options.

*Please contact Insolvency & Law concerning the investments in property and off plan property purchases.

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