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Company debt recovery

Quickly recover overdue debts, unpaid invoices and significant sums from the directors of delinquent companies...

Statutory demands

A statutory demand can help to recover your money if a company owes £750 or more. But you must act swiftly...

Wind up a company

Commence liquidation proceedings against an insolvent company that fails to pay an undisputed debt of £750 or more...

Creditor Services

Credit reviews, Debt purchase, Statutory demands, Winding-up petitions, Creditor representation and more...

Debtor Services

Liquidation, CVA, Administration, Defend county court money claims and CCJs, Debtor representation and more...

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Struggling to recover bad debts and collect overdue invoices? Our insolvency and recoveries team can assist with County court claims, Statutory demands, and Winding-up petitions. Call 020 7504 1300 for debt recovery solutions that free up time and save money...

What our clients say...

Have you invested or are owed money through any one of these companies?

Property Schemes

Contact peter.murray@insolvencyandlaw.co.uk immediately if you're concerned about your investments in any of these companies.

Separately, if you have an investment not listed here that you are concerned about, email our investigations department where investigations@insolvencyandlaw.co.uk will be happy to review your investment and security documentation.  Please contact us, we can help you.

Confidential expert advice...

Insolvency & Law (I&L) is a multi-award-winning consultancy providing bespoke insolvency and debt-related solutions.

We empower disenfranchised company directors, business owners and individuals with guidance and support services.

Our knowledge of insolvency and debt recovery ensures that you will receive:

  • Impartial advice and support
  • Personalised and economical solutions

The information we share is especially valuable to unsecured creditors, company directors and business owners who are seeking to:

  1. Avoid personal financial ruin
  2. Recover overdue debts and invoices
  3. Protect yourself from adverse claims

Since 2017, I&L has helped to rescue hundreds of businesses and recovered more than £40m for unsecured creditors and investors.We believe that creditors frequently need support because the legislation governing commercial debt recovery and insolvency in England and Wales leaves them exposed in several key areas.

As a result, we offer a wide range of creditor-focused services including:

Furthermore, we pursue company directors who cause unsecured creditors to suffer preventable financial loss.

Business support

Since 2009, I&L has provided support services to business owners and vulnerable directors of insolvent companies.

We help them to protect their interests and avoid adverse claims in matters such as:

Insolvency, debt recovery, claims of misconduct and Court money claims are all very serious.

You will need expert guidance and support to resolve these matters swiftly.

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