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We work closely with insolvency practitioners and barristers specialising in debt litigation, insolvency and related areas of commercial law. As a result, we can:

  • Serve Statutory Demands and Winding up Petitions at short notice
  • Oversee the freezing of an insolvent company's bank accounts and other assets during a winding-up procedure
  • Replace a liquidator or administrator with one appointed by creditors

Our track record in recovering lost monies, investments, and other assets for creditors since 2017 speaks for itself:

  • In 2021, I&L assisted in the settlement of £6.5m against the auditors of an insolvent insurance company
  • In 2019, we supported a group of creditors in a £24m settlement against the auditors of a collapsed bond-selling insurance company
  • In 2018, following the collapse of a property group, I&L assisted in securing £7.5m for 148 investors with a third-party claim of £13m against three established law firms
  • In 2017, we represented 12 investors and secured the recovery of 100% of their £1m claim through an established firm of insolvency practitioners

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Statutory Demand

Insolvency & Law’s Client succeeds with Winding Up Petition for over £100,000

Winding up Petition

Insolvency & Law’s client successfully uses a Winding Up Petition to recover over £100,000

Winding up Petition

Insolvency & Law advises client how to issue a Winding up Petition to a debtor company

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