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About Us

We are Company and Personal Insolvency specialists

Insolvency & Law (I&L) provides UK businesses and individuals with specialist insolvency services, including:

We help clients with proposals for Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), and issues such as

Additionally, we attend Creditors' Meetings on behalf of creditors, and take action against directors of insolvent companies.

Why We Work For Creditors and Debtors

After 10 years working for a countless number of creditors and debtors, we:

  • Understand personal and company insolvency, and debt recovery
  • Can provide cost-effective solutions for all clients, irrespective of their circumstance

What We Do For Debtors (Individuals and Companies)

We provide a range of specialist services, including innovative ring-fence solutions to help directors protect their assets from adverse insolvency proceedings.

We also defend the interests of debtors against creditors' actions throughout England and Wales, usually in matters involving:

We assist Bankrupts and former directors of insolvent companies who've been made the subject of:

We are also active in obtaining Bankruptcy Annulment Orders and Company Winding Up Rescission Orders.

What We Do For Creditors (Individuals and Companies)

We take instructions from creditors to:

We take instructions to attend Creditors' Meetings on behalf of creditors to seek the replacement of the insolvent's choice of insolvency practitioner (IP) with one appointed by creditors.

Moreover, we act on behalf of creditors to pursue the delinquent director(s) of insolvent companies who've caused them to suffer a loss of trade through dealing with the insolvent company.

This includes:

  • Launching a Section 212 action for Misfeasance pursuant to the Insolvency Act 1986
  • Raising the corporate veil due to fraudulent misrepresentation committed by the director(s) of an insolvent company.

The court can order the delinquent director to make a financial restitution to the insolvent company's estate if the action is successful.

Our Knowledge of Personal and Company Insolvency

Creditors and debtors in need of advice, guidance and support can access our knowledge, which extends across all areas of insolvency.

Oftentimes, creditors and debtors are disenfranchised from the insolvency process due to the inaccessibility of specialist support and guidance.

We can provide answers for all the possible questions a creditor or debtor may have because of our considerable experience and wide range of services.

Additionally, we work closely with licensed insolvency practitioners and experienced barristers, specialising in insolvency, debt litigation, commercial, and other related areas of law to supplement our knowledge base.

Subsequently, I&L is a one-stop-shop for clients seeking help for all insolvency and debt-related issues.

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