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We are Business and Personal Insolvency specialists

Here at Insolvency & Law we specialise in providing insolvency services to all UK businesses and individuals. Our comprehensive services are varied but include defending and presenting Winding Up Petitions for debtors and creditors. We also assist our clients in defending statutory demands.  

We are active in assisting clients with their proposal for individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs). We assist in matters concerning bankruptcy, liquidations, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) and administrations.

We attend creditors meetings on behalf of creditors and take action against directors of insolvent companies.


Why We Work For Creditors and Debtors

Taking instructions from creditors and debtors over the years has given us invaluable knowledge and experience.  Experience gained from serving our debtor clients have always proved useful when serving our creditor clients and vice versa.

This knowledge and experience allows us to really identify with the our clients interest and provide cost effective solutions to meet with their satisfaction.


What We Do For Debtors (Individuals and Companies)

We provide a range of specialist services to debtors. With our leading service we provide innovative ring fence solutions to help debtors protect their assets from adverse insolvency proceedings.

We also defend the interest of debtors from creditors actions; usually insolvency (statutory demands, bankruptcy and winding up petitions) or debt litigation in the courts throughout England and Wales.

Our specialist service range includes assisting bankrupts and former directors of insolvent companies who have been made the subject of Insolvency Service examination, investigation or court action.  This includes bankruptcy restriction undertakings/orders (BRU/O) and directors disqualification undertaking/orders (DDU/O).

We are also active in obtaining bankruptcy annulment orders and company winding-up rescission orders.


What We Do For Creditors (Individuals and Companies)

We take instructions from creditors: collect overdue commercial debts, issue winding up petitions at short notice; freeze bank accounts and other assets and secure the appointment of a trustee (personal), liquidator or administrator (company) over a debtor's assets.

We also take instructions to attend creditors meetings on behalf of creditors to seek the appointment of a creditor appointed insolvency practitioner, opposed to the insolvent's choice, to secure their interests in the proceedings.

We are also instructed by creditors to pursue delinquent directors of insolvent companies for financial redress as a result of trade loss suffered dealing with the insolvent company. This may be a Section 212 action for misfeasance pursuant to the Insolvency Act 1986 or raising the corporate veil due to fraudulent misrepresentation committed by a director/s of the insolvent company.

In successful outcomes the court could require the delinquent director to make a financial restitution to the insolvent company's estate.


Our knowledge

Our knowledge extends across all areas of insolvency (personal and company) and is accessible to creditors and debtors in need of advice or assistance.

Often-times creditors and debtors are disenfranchised from benefiting from the insolvency process due to the inaccessibility of specialist insolvency advice or assistance.  With our knowledge, experience and wide ranging service we are able to provide creditors and debtors with sought after specialist advice or assistance.

To supplement our knowledge base and wide ranging experience we work closely with licensed insolvency practitioners and barristers, with at least 10 years call, specialising in insolvency, debt litigation, commercial and other related areas of law. Therefore for our clients, we have truly become a one stop shop for all insolvency and debt related matters.