Winding Up Petitions Increase, But Are They Being Served Correctly?

Winding up petitions issued by creditors against firms based in Central London increased by 39 per cent in October 2010 compared with 10.5 percent in the rest of the country, a new study has revealed. The increase is simply a reflection of the government cutbacks and will probably continue throughout 2011. It’s also evidence that…

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Is the Activroll Case Another Example of HMRC Abusing Their Powers?

It appears that a successful Scotland-based payroll company, which describes itself as one of the country’s fastest growing businesses, has become the latest victim of HMRC’s aggressive collection procedures. Last month, bosses at Activroll, which employs around 100 staff and has offices in the US and Australia, were shocked to discover a public notice in…

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A Winding UP Petition Doesn’t Have to Signal the End of Your Business

The vast majority of winding up petitions heard in British courts over the past 12 months were presented by HMRC and usually relate to VAT, PAYE arrears or failure of a Time to Pay arrangement. However, receiving a winding up petition from HMRC doesn’t necessarily signal the end of your business. Usually, petitions are preceded…

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