Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

Independent Financial Advisors

An IFA (independent financial advisor) is someone who gives unbiased advice on how to invest in financial products across the market. What all financial advisers in the UK should have in common is that they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means there are rules they must follow when dealing with you. Choosing…

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Food Sector on the Brink of Collapse

food sector struggling

There were warnings this week that the food sector is on the brink of collapse. The governments Autumn budget really needs to step up. The number of restaurant and food outlets going into liquidation nationally increased by 46% in the quarter to September 2022. Not only are people cutting back on expenses as the cost…

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The Cost of Living Crisis

cost of living crises

The current cost of living crisis needs no introduction. Everyone is feeling it. You go to the supermarket only to find essential like eggs and milk have soared in prices. Not to mention the dreaded rise in energy bills. Thing look pretty bleak to be honest. We’ve seen a really unfortunate set of circumstances in…

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