Creditors Need to be Empowered in Company Voluntary Arrangements

Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA) can make creditors feel alienated and powerless, so they tend to accept whatever repayment deal is being offered to them. A creditor with little knowledge of their democratic rights will see 30p in the £1 as better than nothing. The majority of creditors are often ill informed, and many think if…

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Take Control of Your Business before Creditors Do

If your business is in financial trouble, the earlier you address the problem, the more doors will be open for you to find a solution. The longer you leave it those doors will begin to close. Prompt action can prevent creditors from losing patience and issuing you with a winding up petition; leaving your business…

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David’s Cameron’s Insolvency Law U-Turn Will Please Creditors

It remains to be seen why David Cameron has made a u-turn over plans to radically reform insolvency laws. Before coming to power, the Prime Minister called for the introduction of US-style Chapter 11 rules, which would give struggling businesses ‘breathing space’ to get back on their feet without having to face liquidation. At the…

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