The Rise and Fall of a £70million Investment Scam

investment scammer anthony constantinou

In a shocking case of financial deception, Anthony Constantinou, the mastermind behind a Ponzi-style investment scam, has been found guilty. Constantinou, the founder of Capital World Markets (CWM), promised investors lucrative returns on risk-free foreign exchange trades. However, instead of investing the funds as promised, he used new investors’ money to pay off existing investors.…

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Couple Convicted of Cold-Calling Investment Scam

cold calling scam

A married couple were convicted last week for heading up a cold calling investment scam targeting elderly victims with a total loss of over £2.7 million. It’s not often we see white collar crime punished in the UK, so this is a refreshing piece of news. Southwark Crown Court found Clint Canning guilty of fraud…

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Investment Scams wreaking havoc on Facebook and Instagram

social media scam

Research from Which? found hundreds of investment ads on Facebook and Instagram that are misleading investors into potential investment scams. The findings come as there’s been a huge surge in losses liked to investment scams. Here at I&L, we’re always on alert for the newest scams that pop up and have done many a post…

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Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

Independent Financial Advisors

An IFA (independent financial advisor) is someone who gives unbiased advice on how to invest in financial products across the market. What all financial advisers in the UK should have in common is that they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means there are rules they must follow when dealing with you. Choosing…

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Consider investment fraud victims

Victims of unregulated investment schemes and other financial frauds are frequently overlooked

It is somewhat common knowledge that white-collar criminals regularly dupe innocent investors into handing over their hard-earned cash. During the fallout of such cases, we often, understandably, hear about the perpetrators and their misdemeanours. White-collar criminals become famous. But rarely is a voice is given to victims of unregulated investment fraud and similar crimes. Remember…

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What are recovery room scams?

Fraudsters target investors who've lost money by pretending to be an official who will help them recover the money

A recovery room scam occurs when scammers falsely present themselves as insolvency professionals to recover funds lost in a failed investment. This is a growing problem in the UK so it’s important that you look out for red flags such as: False claims of working for the police, government or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)…

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