Gibraltar Financial Services Commission: A Lesson in Financial Regulation


The recent collapse of High Street Group and its security trustee, Castle Trust Management and Services, prompts a closer examination of regulatory practices. Along with the importance of due diligence procedures. With the director of High Street Group, Gary Forrest, ordered bankrupt for liabilities totaling tens of millions of pounds. Castle Trust’s director, Steve Knight,…

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De Trafford Third Party Recovery: An Update

de trafford

The recent financial collapse of multiple DeTrafford property development companies hassignificantly impacted purchasers. As they navigate the consequences, a glimmer of hope arises asthe wheels of the third- party action is firmly in motion. Read our previous articles here and here forthe history of this case. The Rise and Fall of DeTrafford: Over the past…

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Northumberland Living Developments: Allegations and Challenges

Northumberland Living

Northumberland Living, In West Chevington Farm, Druridge Bay, is a development poised for completion. Only to be stalled by an apparent unforeseen historical conveyancing issue. The repercussions extend beyond construction delays, with disgruntled purchasers raising concerns about alleged delayed interest payments. This scenario, unfortunately, mirrors another development: Ashbrookes. They also use Castle Trust Management and…

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St Anne’s Street Limited: The Perils of Off-Plan Property Purchases

st anne's limited development

Two luxury housing developments in Liverpool have faced major setbacks, leaving purchasers indespair and dreams of new homes shattered. St Anne’s Street Limited and Chaloner StreetDevelopments, both spearheaded by Liverpool businessman Robert Taylor, are under scrutiny aspromises reportedly remain unfulfilled. St Anne’s Street Limited: St Anne’s Street Limited, a project backed by ex-Premier League footballer…

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County Court Judgements- What are they?

Dealing with unpaid debts is never a pleasant situation, but sometimes it becomes necessary to seek recourse to resolve these matters. One such avenue available in the UK is the County Court Judgement,which enables individuals or businesses to demand payment of outstanding debts from othersthrough the judicial system. Governed by Part 7 of the Ministry…

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