How to Defend County Court Claims, and set aside CCJs

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What is a County Court Money Claim?

Any person or business can apply to a County Court to demand payment of an unpaid debt in accordance with Part 7 of the Ministry of Justice’s Civil Procedure Rules.

A claim takes place when an individual or business applies to a County Court to demand payment of an unpaid debt from a company or person. Before applying, a claimant should serve the debtor with a pre-action letter, which is a formal notice that:

  • Explains the circumstances surrounding the debt
  • Requests payment within 14 days.

The claimant can make a County Court Money Claim if the defendant fails to pay or reach an agreement to pay.

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After the claimant has commenced proceedings, the court will issue a County Court Notice to be served on the defendant who has 14 days to acknowledge receipt.

At this stage, the defendant has 3 choices:

  • Pay the debt in full
  • Pay what they believe they owe
  • Ask for an additional 14 days to defend the claim.

When a defendant fails to respond in time, they're deemed to have accepted the debt. This could lead the claimant to apply to the County Court for a default judgment.

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