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Unpaid Invoices

If your customer has not paid your undisputed invoices, as and when they fall due, there is every possibility your customer is experiencing any one or more of the following:

  • Choosing to pay other creditors instead of you
  • Using your credit terms as a interest free, unsecured, funding facility
  • Exposing you to suffer unnecessary loss
  • Taking assets into new company while leaving you and other creditors behind to perish with old company
  • Trading while insolvent
  • On the brink of collapse

Sounds, feels, looks familiar? You probably have good suspicions already so don't kid yourself further.

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Clients who have successfully used Winding-Up Petitions

Winding up Petition

Winding up Petitions- Haulage & Logistics client succeeds with Winding up Petition for £42,828

Winding up Petition

Ade successfully instructed Insolvency & Law in the presentation of a winding up petition upon his debtor

Winding up Petition

Insolvency & Law’s Client succeeds with Winding Up Petition for over £100,000

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