Is Carrie Ann James Blocking Justice for Victims?

The pursuit of justice faces ongoing challenges as victims claim Carrie Ann James appears to be introducing obstacles in the path to justice. We direct your attention to our initial article on this issue as we update you on the developments since then.

Despite our initial request for a Norwich Pharmacal Order and Carrie Ann James assuring neutrality in disclosing documents to I&L, the legal process has stalled. James continues to demand unreasonably high fees for documents that would significantly benefit victims of the collapsed High Street GRP. This is apparent in the exorbitant fees her solicitors are requesting. It’s worth noting that these are for documents readily available from the Administration proceedings, incurring no additional cost to them.

The proposed eye-watering costs from Carrie Ann James’s solicitors far surpasses a justifiable amount. This raises concerns of inflated rates and excessive billing. James’s solicitors’ statement of costs, three times the national guideline rates, appears obstructive and prejudicial to victims’ interests, as claimed by I&L.

Despite efforts to negotiate a reasonable fee, Carrie Ann James persists with this exorbitant figure. This is detrimental to a resolution for the victims, and appears to cast doubt on the Administrators’ intentions. It raises questions about the obstruction of justice, particularly since James is an officer of the court. Her actions in this matter, along with the progress of the Administration, prompt I&L to question the Administrators’ motives.

As an officer of the Court and former president of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, Carrie Ann James’s conduct is causing further distress to victims, many of whom are elderly and may, regrettably, pass away before justice is eventually served.

Meanwhile, I&L remain resolute in pursuing this matter.

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