St Anne’s Street Limited: The Perils of Off-Plan Property Purchases

Two luxury housing developments in Liverpool have faced major setbacks, leaving purchasers in
despair and dreams of new homes shattered. St Anne’s Street Limited and Chaloner Street
Developments, both spearheaded by Liverpool businessman Robert Taylor, are under scrutiny as
promises reportedly remain unfulfilled.

St Anne’s Street Limited:

St Anne’s Street Limited, a project backed by ex-Premier League footballer Robbie Fowler, was set to
elevate the edge of Liverpool City Centre with 325 new homes. However, the reality is starkly
different, as pictures circulating in the press portray the site as nothing more than a mound of
rubble. The development, initially scheduled for completion in Autumn 2021, has yet to see any

A glossy sales brochure promoting the development set a new completion date of spring 2023,
almost a year ago to the date of this article.

Elatus Developments, owned by Robert Taylor, was responsible for bringing this vision to life. More
than 100 buyers placed their trust in the project, collectively contributing over £3.5 million in
deposits for off-plan units ranging from one-bed studios to two-bed apartments. Despite alleged
assurances from Robert Taylor that only reservation fees were collected, buyers claim full deposits
were taken.

The buyers, facing financial uncertainty and frustration, have united to form a creditors action
group. Their primary objective is to recover their deposits and attract more affected buyers to join
their cause. The closure of Fletcher Day solicitors, recommended by Elatus Developments, adds
another layer of complexity to the situation, as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) intervened
to safeguard clients’ interests.

Chaloner Street Developments:

A parallel narrative unfolds with Chaloner Street Developments, where Robert Taylor, along with
former Liverpool footballer Sean Highdale, had ambitious plans for a mixed-use scheme on a 2-acre
land plot on Norton Street Scrap metal site. The proposed development included 650 homes, a 240-
bed hotel, and 43,500 sq ft of commercial space. However, this project has reportedly also come to a
standstill, and the accounts for Chaloner Street Developments are now overdue.

This saga raises questions about Robert Taylor’s development strategies, as this is allegedly not the
first time his projects have failed to materialise, despite securing planning permission. The
involvement of local celebrity footballers in promoting these developments adds an uncomfortable
layer, leaving potential buyers lured into investing in projects with uncertain futures.

Off- Plan Property Risks

The stories of St Anne’s Street Limited and Chaloner Street Developments highlight the risks
associated with off-plan property investments and the importance of due diligence. Buyers, eagerly
anticipating their returns, find themselves embroiled in legal battles and uncertainties, while the
developments they purchased reportedly lie dormant.

As investigations continue and the creditors action group seeks justice, the tale of these stalled
projects serves as a cautionary reminder. If you have purchased a property in St Anne’s Street
Development, or any other off plan property development and are struggling to see a return, please
reach out to us now at or call us on 02075041300.


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