HMRC vs English Football: The Battle Rages On

English football clubs owed more than £22m in overdue tax to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in 2010, according to figures released last week. Premier League clubs owed £8.6m, Championship clubs owed £6.4m and Football League clubs were indebted to HMRC for £7.4m. Dave Boyle, chief executive of campaign group Supporters Direct, believes the figures…

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We Pay the Price When HMRC Bends Rules for Football Clubs

Accusations of corporate tax avoidance have plagued Top Shop owner Sir Philip Green and telecommunication giants Vodaphone in recent weeks, but football clubs are often the worst offenders. Take Plymouth Argyle for instance. The League One club has managed to accrue a whopping £7 million of debt including an £800,000 liability from Her Majesty’s Revenue…

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